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PQ as another tool for ministry

by Linda Holland, Director Of Connectional Ministry, North Alabama Conference, 2009-2020

I wanted to make you aware of a resource that might be beneficial in your work and ministry.  Dr. Jim Robey has been my life/corporate coach for many years.  He consistently helps me live my way out of corners I think myself into.  Along with another friend and former DCM, Dr. Rod Miller, Jim is offering a group coaching experience I found to be very helpful in both life and ministry when I participated this spring.

Positive Intelligence ( both quieted the many voices which often battle in my head and gave me priceless ways to practice both the abiding a life in Christ requires and the peace it promises.  The PQ process encouraged me to be less reactive and to pause to wisely examine not only my own motivations, but also the motivations of those with whom I interact. This is one of the few areas of life in which a slower response time is wonderful!

While PQ began as a secular group process, Jim and Rod have, with permission, adapted this great method for those in ministry, and the combination was incredibly beneficial to me.  I pray this may become a helpful addition to the many gifts and talents you already possess.

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August 31 - PQ & You: An Intro to Positive Intelligence

On Tuesday, August 31, 2022 Jim and Rod hosted an informational Zoom call for those who want to learn more about this process.   Here is a link to the recordings from that meeting.