PQ and Christianity

How does PQ speak to Christianity and Christianity speak to PQ

PQ focuses on:

  • Practice vs doctrine - not “what you believe” but how you practice and live

  • Personal experiences and reason rather than external sources

  • Helping to create an environment for the Holy Spirit to speak in, to & through us

  • Contemplation & embodiment as the source of our action - rather than external knowledge

We see ways to incorporate PQ into Christian practice AND to incorporate Christianity into PQ practice for coaches and clients:

    • The lens of PQ helps us understand and embody insights within scripture and tradition and vice versa

    • PQ deepens our prayer life and allows us to embody both PQ & Christianity, as a gateway to the heart

    • PQ serves as a framework to help access the full embodiment of the Christian faith

    • PQ enhances our ability to walk in and express love in and for the world

    • PQ points to the mysterious and wonderful unfolding of God’s love and power within us

    • PQ supports the purpose of church as becoming who we truly are

    • PQ is a lens for understanding Christianity as a description of what is rather than a prescription of what should be