PQ inspired worship

A Sunday Order of Worship

Becoming Who We Are”

I Acknowledge God is with all of us

This time will include music, opening to God, maybe a short poem or proclamation– with a particular emphasis on being open and inclusive.

II Congregation and pastor share current personal and Biblical stories of life/ faith journeys

This time will include authentic personal sharing by members of the congregation about their life/faith journey this week, something that is important about who they are and what they are about, and/or something they are learning about themselves. It will also include a reading and reflection from some part of scripture that is core to the Gospel message. Sharing a song, spoken word or other expression can be shared as well.

III Support who we are becoming

This time will include prayers for each other, for others and for the world with a focus on supporting one another in our journeys. Holy Communion or Love Feast can be offered. A time for offering will be included as well.

IV Go forth to live, love and serve

This time may include a closing prayer, a commissioning, a closing song, a blessing and some sort of symbolic gesture that everyone offers as a way of blessing each other.