Leaders Flourishing Together

Leadership Coaching Program

for United Methodist Leaders of Leaders

In response to the challenges that are facing so many of our United Methodist leaders, the Sage Partners are offering a 6-month coaching program. It is called LEADERS FLOURISHING TOGETHER. We invite you to consider this program for yourself. It is also an excellent program for a pastor and staff to share together.

Right now, United Methodist leaders of leaders are often feeling overwhelmed in a time of unrelenting challenges and conflicts. We are offering skilled individual coaching, renewal in shared group experiences, and a proven and effective mental operating system. Through this 6-month shared journey, each person will be better equipped to take actions from a deeply ground place of spiritual renewal.

What if …

· Leaders responded to challenges as gift and opportunity?

· Leaders took spiritually grounded actions?

· Leaders could see the true essence of themselves - and then be more equipped to see it in others?

· Leaders could really listen to “the other” and find a way to build upon part of their ideas?

· The participants had experiences and a common language which continued to expand their leadership into the future?

Drawing upon our extensive experiences leading groups and doing individual coaching as a United Methodist pastor, Leaders Flourishing Together accomplishes three goals:

  1. Individual growth in effectiveness and self-care in both personal and ministerial life.

  2. Increased resilience and greater self-awareness in the participants from Positive Intelligence (PQ) leading toward more effective ministry and renewed spiritual life.

  3. Growth of a community of ministry leaders as colleagues in their sacred work (which could become leaven for the Annual Conference).

Schedule for the 6 months

Month 1: Individual Coaching - 2 sessions, plus 1 PQ Group session

Month 2: Individual Coaching - 1 session, plus 4 PQ Group sessions

Month 3: Individual Coaching - 1 session, plus 3 PQ Group sessions

Month 4: Individual Coaching - 1 session, plus 2 PQ GROW Group sessions

Month 5: Individual Coaching - 1 session, plus 2 PQ GROW Group sessions

Month 6: Individual Coaching - 2 sessions, plus 2 PQ GROW Group sessions

Leaders Flourishing Together (LFT)

Two different types of groups:

      1. Sponsored (Annual Conference, District, Foundation, local church, etc). 5-8 people.

      2. Individuals – from across the US and the world. 5 people.


We would like to co-create with you to serve the needs of your Conference now and in the coming years. This would be the program of Leaders Flourishing Together.

The sponsoring person (Bishop, DS, DCM, etc.) would select 5-8 key lay or clergy leaders to be equipped and empowered. These might be leaders of leaders with a diversity of perspectives, experiences and ages. Consider current and emerging leaders, such as potential DS, Conference staff, promising pastors and crucial laypersons at the Conference, District, and Local Church level. This program could begin in January or February 2023.


Each of our Sage Partners will be leading individual Cohorts. These are some of the focus we offer for each coach’s cohort

Embra Jackson African-American, Bishop’s Assistant

Lonna Lynn Higgs Women in ministry, Conference staff

Jim Robey DS, Agency officials

John Randall DS, pastors

Larry Ousley Bishops, DS, Jurisdictional Staff

Rod Miller DCM, Conference Staff

Tim Pottle World-wide, Executive Leaders

Sage Partners are servant leaders bringing Mental Fitness coaching to the UMC.

  • Embra Jackson, Mississippi Conference

  • Jim Robey, North Alabama Conference

  • John Randall, Indiana Conference

  • Larry Ousley, Holston Conference

  • Lonna Lynn Higgs, North Alabama Conference

  • Rod Miller, Baltimore-Washington Conference

  • Tim Pottle, Church of England, Oxford

Our individual experiences include DCM, DS, Assistant to Bishop, Executive Director of a Jurisdictional agency, denominational leadership, pastoring large churches, fundraising globally, program development/ management/ delivery, just to name a few.

We are each highly trained and experienced coaches, working with leaders worldwide.